Palo santo amulet necklaces

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Amulet and pendant of palo santo with fire agate
Siize:34x21x13 mm.

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Shaman Charm Necklaces
All the aroma and benefits of Palo Santo and fire agate.

This variety of palo does not need to be burned to give off its pleasant aroma.
The incense of this wood contains antirheumatic, diuretic, cleansing and antiseptic medicinal properties, as well as being a great source of antioxidants. For this reason, Palo Santo is very common in practices
such as yoga, reiki and aromatherapy, since it helps to clean and purify
the environment.

Our Palo Santo sticks come from trees that die naturally, during this decomposition process the tree is compressed, secreting its oil and acquiring its medicinal and aromatic properties.
The tree remains unpicked for three to four years. Cutting down a Palo Santo tree without the decay process will not result in the same benefits.

The Palo Santo was mainly used by Peruvian shamans in their religious and spiritual rituals as a tool to bring good luck, avoid any sign of negativity and as a means of obtaining a better spiritual connection.


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